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Six Flags California is home to Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor.

Hurricane Harbor is a separate admission  water park built right next to the theme park, with an impressive array of slides.

The theme park is built on and around a mountain which is beautifully landscaped and full of shady trees.  The park is truly an oasis is the high desert.

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Webstuff 223.jpg (348627 bytes) Baja Ridge is home to Revolution, Viper and X as well as a coaster "wall of fame" depicting all of the parks diverse coaster collection Overview.jpg (613655 bytes)
Webstuff 035.jpg (94341 bytes) Webstuff 222.jpg (163835 bytes) Fountain.jpg (1266108 bytes) Webstuff 216.jpg (190486 bytes)
Coasterwall.jpg (675702 bytes) Webstuff 036.jpg (91675 bytes) Webstuff 220.jpg (169629 bytes) Carousel.jpg (1191772 bytes)
Viperentry.jpg (1042593 bytes) Webstuff 039.jpg (129979 bytes) Tower2.jpg (830518 bytes) At the top of the mountain is the Samurai Summit, home to
the Sky Tower, Ninja, and Superman: Ultimate Escape
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SUE2.jpg (1050443 bytes) Superman was the world record holder for tallest and fastest coaster on the planet for many years, and is still an impressive sight SUE3.jpg (971575 bytes) SUE4.jpg (814999 bytes) Gotham City Backlot is home to Batman the Ride and Riddler's Revenge roller coasters Grinders.jpg (496326 bytes)
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Deja.jpg (845670 bytes) Psyclone Bay is home to the  Deja Vu and Psyclone roller coasters Sierra2.jpg (1152279 bytes) Lotview.jpg (812025 bytes) Webstuff 221.jpg (186962 bytes) BTR.jpg (574745 bytes)
Webstuff 038.jpg (122481 bytes) BBW.jpg (1069458 bytes) GBT.jpg (934085 bytes) Webstuff 214.jpg (267639 bytes) Webstuff 226.jpg (228090 bytes) Webstuff 037.jpg (107924 bytes)
MBL.jpg (1031351 bytes) The High Sierra Territory is home to Bugs Bunny World, Mooseburger Lodge, the Golden Bear Theatre and the parks Log Jammer flume ride Sierra.jpg (759798 bytes) SCREAM1.jpg (1651722 bytes) Right off the Colossus County Fair are Goliath and Scream, two of the parks newest coasters Webstuff 218.jpg (240100 bytes)


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