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002.jpg (727730 bytes) X-Scream really pushes fear over the edge, with its random program sending riders over the edge with an amazing view of the Vegas Strip.


The Big Shot launches riders to high above the tower.

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The High Roller coaster circles the top of the tower diving in and out of its coiled track 
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027.jpg (767689 bytes) 028.jpg (657257 bytes) Speed: The Ride is a Premiere Launched coaster which blasts into an over-banked turn, dives under the sidewalk on Las Vegas Boulevard, and into a vertical loop before climbing a vertical spike, and dropping to go through the course again backwards.    019.jpg (342016 bytes) 020.jpg (301020 bytes)
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037.jpg (1027910 bytes) 050.jpg (1162183 bytes) 032.jpg (1071142 bytes) 060.jpg (1024759 bytes) Canyon Blaster winds from the top of the dome through the scenery and around the other rides. 042.jpg (894849 bytes)
062.jpg (885342 bytes) The Adventure Dome has a selection of rides for all ages in a very small area.

Their Fright Dome Halloween event is very popular and utilizes the unique structures of the scenery for mazes.

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Manhattan Express races around the roof of the New York, New York Casino flying past recreations of the city's landmarks. ME 007.jpg (1533307 bytes)
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