Six Flags America- Largo, MD

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101506-040.jpg (149215 bytes) Fright Fest 2006

Six Flags America

October 15th

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The shops on Main Street Webs and tombstones
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Some of the gargoyles peering down from the roof tops A perfect fall family day
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Webs were everywhere Some of the statuary
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Lots of shows Decorations on the Grand Theatre
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Great family attractions Skeletons in the cars and coasters Nice signage
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Tombstones An outdoor grill Monster Mash Bash in the kids area
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Really cool signs for Fright Fest A nice detail Good idea putting Dead Man's Party in the Arena Scooby Doo!
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Entry to the park's haunted house Some spooky vehicles
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Spooky Roar Bodies hanging from the gallows Coyote Creek Fright Fest makeover
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Entry to Disco Inferno Great show!
101506-410.jpg (113071 bytes) Disco Inferno was a well done show, featuring a talented and energetic cast.

A very fun family attraction

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