Keansburg Amusement Park
Keansburg, NJ

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The train is a real classic

Keansburg Amusement Park
is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2005, and is a small park which is home to many classic rides which seem to be caught in a time warp.









The park has supplemented the classics with several modern rides as well as a small waterpark.

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Best Skeeball machines on the shore in this building!
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The little cars are amazing with their chrome and sleek streamlined design
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Classic rocket ride with original weapons still attached!
072405-010.jpg (115216 bytes) 072405-034.jpg (93990 bytes) The classic pretzel ride is one of the few remaining examples of this classic dark ride design 072405-021.jpg (94547 bytes)
072405-008.jpg (172326 bytes) < Great little airplane swings

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A classic doodle bug with really scary eyes!
A great old kiddie whip

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Whip cars on a circular ride too
072405-025.jpg (161797 bytes) A classic of the early thrillrides which is quickly disappearing, Keansburg's Eyerly Loop-O-Plane is well maintained 072405-030.jpg (175533 bytes) 072405-024.jpg (93213 bytes)

The classic Schwarzkopf Wildcat has been dormant for a while now
One of my favorite rides as a little kid, the fire truck are still looking great!

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