Knott's Berry Farm- Buena Park, CA

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Theme Park
Pictures from 2002 & 2003

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The font gate Front gate during Haunt
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The main entrance The Haunt sign and hearse
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Totem Poles in the Indian Trails The Calico Mine
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Ghost Rider leaves the station The Ghost Rider entrance Ghost Rider Boomerang Coast-to-Coaster
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The Ferris Wheel in Camp Snoopy Entry to Xcelerator Racing through the overbank turn
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Jaguar and Montezuma's Revenge Overview of Xcelerator Coming off the tophat The train comes back to the station
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The now defunct Hammerhead Hammerhead Hammerhead Supreme Scream
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La Revolucion Entry to Montezuma's Revenge
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Entry to Perilous Plunge Splashing down Heading up the spike Through the loop
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Overview of the Hat Dance Racing into the station Up the spike
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Close-up of the hats Top of the rear spike Looking down the launch Overview of Montezuma