Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom- Allentown, PA

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Winter Tour 2011
Work is progressing on the new Planet Snoopy area of the park, which they are treating as a "park within a park". Six new rides will be arriving around March 1st and site prep will be happening in the coming weeks. 

The old concrete pathways have been removed and will be replaced with new pavers. The existing rides in the section will be renamed, repainted and rethemed as part of the Planet Snoopy makeover.

The idea of the new area is that it will be an all inclusive children's section at the center of the park which means that parents and older siblings will be able to go in any direction to get to the adult rides and still not be far from the little ones.  The section is also designed to be closed off during Haunt nights.

The shop is being remodeled with a leveled floor which will be more stroller friendly, and a new Lost Parents station with all the latest facilities for children and parents.

The new Planet Snoopy section will be more colorful and fresh with better, newer rides and a better layout.
The old Balloon ride is in pieces ready to leave the park.  It's being replaced with a Samba Balloon Tower as part of the new Planet Snoopy.

Some of the old Camp Snoopy pieces are also waiting to get hauled off under the roof overhang. 

All around the park it's cold and quiet with the layer of snow and ice.  Rides are mostly either covered or in pieces for the off season.

The old kids rides that used to be down along the creek have been removed, all sold, in storage or scrapped. They are being replaced with the new rides going into Planet Snoopy which will consolidate all childrens attractions in one area.

With those rides gone and the vacant area once occupied by Laser being the only things on this area of the midway, it will be closed for the operating season with work crews removing the old concrete and preparing for future construction.  The Laser site has several surveyors markings already. The park is not ready to talk about the new 2012 addition yet...

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Winter Tour 2011