Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom- Allentown, PA

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Winter Tour 2010
View from up near the Maintenance building  One of the Steel Force trains sitting under cover  Two of the Demon Drop cars waiting to go inside for rehab 
Off-season tour of
Dorney Park
February 5, 2010 
A whole bunch of flume cars    In various states of disrepair 

Wait a minute...  ...they say Valleyfair on them!
Two of the DD cars sit outside  Another 5 are inside getting work 
A couple of Possession frames freshly painted    In the warehouse rehabs of all types are happening 
One of Thunderhawk's trains is undergoing a complete rehab 
  Wild Mouse car  Kiddie coaster car 
Possession's trains getting rehabbed 
  Fresh paint on Musik Express   
Musik Express cars getting rehabbed  Swings waiting to go back up 
The final pieces of the old bumper cars were being hauled away as part of site preparation for Demon Drop 
  The tower will stand more or less in that open space The runout will be here, and the height of the tower will nearly match the second hell of Steel Force 
We're on our way to see the ride parts in storage  Freshly painted pieces of Demon Drop  The name will still be Demon Drop, though it may get a new sign 
All the parts are sitting in the Pigpen parking area  Here's the last section of the runout track and the emergency brakes 
Everything will get sandblasted and painted before assembly  The transfer switches   All the tower stairs 
This car (#5) had been sitting in Cedar Point's boneyard for several years and is already missing parts so I would guess it will be used for spare parts at Dorney. Currently they are hoping to have Demon Drop running by June. 

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Winter Tour 2010