Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom- Allentown, PA

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Winter Tour 2006
020306-006.jpg (104858 bytes) As part of ACE's EastCoaster event held every year, Dorney Park invites enthusiasts for an off season tour of the park.


This years tour took enthusiasts into the park's Maintenance facility where the coaster cars and other rides are rehabbed.


The staff explained the Winter maintenance regime, and what goes in to keeping the rides safe and running smoothly.


Thank you to the staff of Dorney for letting us tour the facilities!

020306-004.jpg (116318 bytes)
Both of Hydra's trains are being inspected and the wheels replaced as part of the routine maintenance Steel Force's black train is undergoing a full rehab
020306-005.jpg (146188 bytes) 020306-007.jpg (155031 bytes)
The seats for the Screamin' Swing ride
020306-008.jpg (112372 bytes) 020306-009.jpg (102704 bytes) 020306-011.jpg (96746 bytes) 020306-014.jpg (108830 bytes)
The wheels and wheel assemblies
020306-016.jpg (169052 bytes) 020306-023.jpg (82081 bytes) 020306-020.jpg (117082 bytes) 020306-021.jpg (60717 bytes)
020306-018.jpg (66759 bytes)
A stack of new wheels One of the wheel assemblies The front of Steel Force
020306-012.jpg (94371 bytes) 020306-026.jpg (169040 bytes) 020306-027.jpg (132232 bytes) 020306-028.jpg (140557 bytes)
The Little Laser sign View of the park from the top of the hill Former sight of the historic Dorney House, the parks oldest building which was torn down to build a new Subway :-(
020306-031.jpg (153324 bytes) 020306-032.jpg (126177 bytes) 020306-046.jpg (116239 bytes) 020306-036.jpg (80704 bytes)
A naked view of Musik Express The winterized Scrambler The Swings are being rehabbed
020306-033.jpg (180599 bytes) 020306-051.jpg (138981 bytes) 020306-054.jpg (104919 bytes) 020306-055.jpg (129777 bytes)
The winterized Tilt-A-Whirl Retracking on Thunderhawk The Octopus without its cars It was a nice day for a tour!

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Winter Tour 2006