Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom- Allentown, PA 

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Winter 2005 Construction Tour
DP020405 002.jpg (2890798 bytes) < The final inversion DP020405 018.jpg (2321592 bytes) < Hydra merchandise was on sale for the ACE Tour DP020405 049.jpg (1523393 bytes) < The first piece of station roof next to the Jojo Roll
The final twists
 of Hydra >
DP020405 004.jpg (3268584 bytes) The Jojo Roll > DP020405 045.jpg (1483266 bytes) The trains are wrapped to protect them until opening day > DP020405 093.jpg (1858914 bytes)
DP020405 097.jpg (1480572 bytes) < View of Steel Force through the Cobra Roll DP020405 055.jpg (1755208 bytes) < Hydra's unique Cobra Roll design DP020405 081.jpg (1199028 bytes) < Three of the rides seven inversions
Preset mount for future trim brakes > DP020405 066.jpg (1394783 bytes) A great looking airtime pop in the middle of the twisted tracks > DP020405 057.jpg (1797660 bytes) The final inversion is barely visible on the hillside > DP020405 116.jpg (1253240 bytes)
DP020405 118.jpg (1506757 bytes) < A fun looking helix DP020405 065.jpg (1212183 bytes) < The Zero G Roll DP020405 128.jpg (1357210 bytes) < The test seat is still wrapped in the protective shipping materials
The park's Wave Swing has been disassembled for the Winter > DP020405 138.jpg (1572871 bytes) Workers install the first piece of station roof > DP020405 113.jpg (1711193 bytes) Talon in the snow > DP020405 145.jpg (1498857 bytes)
DP020405 132.jpg (2023496 bytes) < Wild Mouse in the snow DP020405 135.jpg (1367139 bytes) < A very white Whitewater Landing DP020405 185.jpg (1339087 bytes) < Another snowy shot of Talon
The brakes of Wild Mouse are wrapped for the Winter > DP020405 160.jpg (1837720 bytes) A real whitewater rapids ride > DP020405 137.jpg (1935061 bytes) The Carousel figures are covered for the off-season > DP020405 172.jpg (1974160 bytes)
DP020405 161.jpg (1463546 bytes) < All the brakes were wrapped DP020405 167.jpg (1481012 bytes) < Future site of the new Screaming Swing DP020405 177.jpg (1971402 bytes) < Wind has partially uncovered some of the figures
The snow covered Kite Eating Tree > DP020405 191.jpg (1576789 bytes) Apollo 2000 in the snow > DP020405 202.jpg (1502493 bytes) One of the horses
appears to be trying
to break free >
DP020405 174.jpg (1349434 bytes)
DP020405 200.jpg (1871829 bytes) < Musik Express is apart for rehab DP020405 199.jpg (1598426 bytes) < The swinging ship is covered against the snow DP020405 203.jpg (1557128 bytes) < The individual cars and lap bars have specially designed coverings
Strange to see it roofless > DP020405 053.jpg (1318864 bytes) Coasters stands empty in the snow > DP020405 170.jpg (1425928 bytes) Dominator is wrapped for Winter > DP020405 205.jpg (1722347 bytes)
DP020405 195.jpg (1564635 bytes) < The Enterprise cars have been removed DP020405 099.jpg (1453478 bytes) < View of a snowy midway DP020405 063.jpg (1586814 bytes) < The balloons
A desolate looking snowy park > DP020405 040.jpg (1773774 bytes) The Tilt-A-Whirl > DP020405 050.jpg (1600816 bytes) The front gate> DP020405 187.jpg (1270683 bytes)
DP020405 006.jpg (1467111 bytes) < The Swan Boats are sitting in the parking lot DP020405 038.jpg (1741564 bytes) < Center stage is the storage area for a bunch of the park's garbage cans DP020405 190.jpg (1352041 bytes) < The naked Ferris Wheel
Steel Force reflects in the cold water > DP020405 035.jpg (1318683 bytes) Meteor is wrapped for Winter > DP020405 069.jpg (1333310 bytes) Another shot of the empty wheel > DP020405 196.jpg (1703461 bytes)
DP020405 242.jpg (1587299 bytes) < A pretty shot of Steel Force from the lake DP020405 213.jpg (1607964 bytes) < The giant stands silent against the Winter sky DP020405 250.jpg (1885909 bytes) < A slightly different angle from the lake
One of Steel Force's trains sits on the maintenance track > DP020405 230.jpg (1572394 bytes) A second train sits in pieces underneath > DP020405 226.jpg (867011 bytes) Lazer sits down in the snowy valley > DP020405 234.jpg (2027616 bytes)

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Winter 2005 Construction Tour