Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom- Allentown, PA

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The Haunt 2008 Closing Day
    A praying mantis was hanging out on one of the skeletons 
This Jack in the Box is awesome! 
    By day it's the "Magic House on Boo Hill" for families 
Something for the little kids  Roasted corn!  Nice harvest display 
Voodoo was down for the day (it's last day as Voodoo) and all the Voodoo merchandise was on sale 
Screamworks down near the Laser 
Some bizarre looking larger than life characters 
LASER Final Day of Operations at Dorney Park

This was the last day of operation for Laser, and ACE members were invited for ERT in the morning before the park opened.
This great old Schwarzkopf coaster will be missed 
Operating at
Dorney Park
1986 through
November 1, 2008
Headstone Hollow looked cool by day, with its array of coffins and tombstones 
The central section of the walk-through had names of Dorney's past attractions, including Voodoo and Laser 
  An old PTC car in the cemetery   
  Teams that fell to the Phillies   
A fun grave digger's truck in the middle of the path 

The organist near Steel Force  For anyone getting the Fright Feats, you got front of the line for one choice of 3 haunts 

Some classic attractions of Dorney Park
Voodoo looks good but unfortunately was not operational  Boo Hill 
Weird Witch  A Peanuts Halloween show 
Some of the Camp Spooky scenery 
More scenery for the Haunt from around the park 
Dorney had more real coffins than I have ever seen in a theme park!
Tombstone Hollow after the sun had set 
After dark, it's the House on Kill Hill     
There was a LOT of fog, which made everything look really coool 
The sideshow was in the Blue and White Pavilion, which is being removed in the off-season
and replaced with a 600 seat climate controlled theater for 2009. 
Cool Vampire Photo stand   

Awesome stilt walker, and a rat lady, carry three real rats!
  Yet another coffin! 
The Carousel's band organ played Halloween themed music 

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The Haunt 2008 Closing Day