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Clementon Park is a nearly 100 year old traditional amusement park which has seen its share of ups and downs throughout the years and shows it. 

The park is a mix of classic buildings and attractions which stand side by side with modern thrill rides.

The park remains popular for companies and groups to have picnics in the parks pavilions.

 The park had some bad luck with the 2004 season, and is currently for sale.

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The park has many traditional bits and pieces scattered throughout The log flume is quite impressive for such a small park, and cruises over the lake
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The parks Chance Carousel
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Kiddie Land is under a roof A classic umbrella ride, an inflatable, and a modern kiddie ride all stand side by side
091005 005.jpg (78659 bytes) 091005 012.jpg (139726 bytes) 091005 048.jpg (81505 bytes) The 1919 classic wooden coaster, The Jackrabbit has been standing idle since the 2002 season, waiting to be demolished
More fiberglass figures
This weird Freddy Krueger head is the entrance to the parks main souvenir stand.   Strangely it also is the entrance to the kids section  091005 061.jpg (90328 bytes)
Jackrabbit station
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The first drop Views of the Jackrabbit from the park's train
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The structure appears to still be (mostly) in good shape The wood rails run right to the ground The station is walled off from the park
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The park train Close-ups of the engine
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The controls
091005 024.jpg (90117 bytes) 091005 060.jpg (98577 bytes) Along the tracks, a menagerie of fiberglass animals can be seen, along with an Indian family and a pyramid (?) 091005 026.jpg (154094 bytes)
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The Thunder Bolt (Himalya) The Egyptian themed Chance Yo-Yo 091005 034.jpg (213270 bytes)
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^ The Sea Dragon
A chance Inverter A Zamperla Samba Tower Chance Ferris Wheel >
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A classic snackbar building Great old detail on this game building A very strange sign on the pizza stand
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The parks ballroom which once overlooked the lake, is now the Refreshment Terrace View of the midway looking towards J2 Looking from the flume towards the front gate The classic carousel building is now home to the Big Cat Encounter
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Between shows the lions and tigers are kept in small old fashioned zoo cages The clearstory windows still have the old wavy glass, 
through which you can see the top of J2
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After nearly a full season of delays opening in 2004, the unfortunately name Tsunami opened months behind schedule, then had to be renamed after the events of last Winter, reopening in 2005 as J2 (Jackrabbit 2)
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The first drop Into the tangled tracks and through the structure at amazing speed

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