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VA-080606-128.jpg (124670 bytes)
Construction Pictures From Summer and Fall of 2006

Length: 3108'
Height: 205'
Inversions: 2
Speed: 71 mph
Duration: 3:00
Max Vertical Angle: 90 Degrees
G-Force: 4

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Pictures from August of 2006, as clearing of the LeMans cars is completed and site preparations for Griffon begin.

VA-080606-136.jpg (164955 bytes)
Signs of things to come Signs of things to come
VA-080606-130.jpg (25449 bytes) VA-080606-133.jpg (255087 bytes)
The old mural The former station area
VA-080606-131.jpg (133914 bytes) VA-080606-132.jpg (160560 bytes)
Not much left of the raceway The building is next to come down
VA-080606-139.jpg (137930 bytes) VA-080606-140.jpg (200056 bytes) VA-080606-144.jpg (168894 bytes) VA-080606-146.jpg (152626 bytes)
The freshly cleared construction area from the France skyride station The equipment waiting to go to work
VA-080706-031.jpg (134924 bytes) VA-080606-147.jpg (190823 bytes) VA-080706-033.jpg (184283 bytes) VA-080706-034.jpg (177099 bytes)
The open space Tearing down the last building Breaking up the concrete roadway
VA-080706-027.jpg (150554 bytes) VA-080606-150.jpg (236396 bytes) VA-080606-152.jpg (212866 bytes) VA-080706-028.jpg (155658 bytes)
Grading the ride area and removing the debris from the raceway
VA-080706-030.jpg (137747 bytes) VA-080606-145.jpg (240127 bytes) Pics from August 6th, 7th, & 8th VA-080806-057.jpg (216293 bytes)
VA-080806-019.jpg (136794 bytes) VA-080806-055.jpg (175609 bytes) VA-080806-046.jpg (127833 bytes) VA-080806-049.jpg (173605 bytes)
View from the train Workers layout the grades with a level
VA-080806-047.jpg (209557 bytes) VA-080806-053.jpg (173845 bytes) VA-080806-054.jpg (179034 bytes) VA-080806-052.jpg (184646 bytes)
Drainage pipes arrive Last of the debris Hauling out the service road Nothing left of the buildings
101506-021.jpg (207313 bytes)
October 13th & 14th

The first track sections are in place as construction of footers continues at full speed before winter sets in.

101506-023.jpg (151430 bytes)

101506-016.jpg (165134 bytes)
The brake run The turn out of the station towards the lift hill
101506-010.jpg (253244 bytes) 101506-022.jpg (211751 bytes)
A footer hole takes shape  
101506-008.jpg (128026 bytes) 101506-017.jpg (194704 bytes) 101506-018.jpg (201529 bytes) 101506-019.jpg (196104 bytes)
The footers all seam to have metal pilings in them Views of the station, car shed, transfer track and brake run area with the turn into the lift hill
101506-071.jpg (123867 bytes) 101506-072.jpg (137403 bytes) 101506-024.jpg (245559 bytes) 101506-009.jpg (104746 bytes)
The pile driver A marker on the skyride line to help keep it safe View from the France skyride station A lot of vehicles and crew members at work on the site
Curse of DarKastle Construction Fall of 2004 

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