Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay Florida

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January 16, 2013
You can now rent wheelchairs
in Timbuktu (in case you forgot
at the entrance)
Rhino Rally has reopened! Skyride is closed for
annual maintenance.
With the SheiKra painting project,
the train is only circling
the Serengeti Plains area
Stanleyville Station is under a tarp while SheiKra's
lift is being painted high above.
The crews are hard at work painting the coaster.
The fresh paint looks really good compared to the original paint.
All around the crews are freshening up the blue and red paint.
The water splash area is covered in tarps for the paint project.
The old paint is being stripped
in some areas.
This is a big painting project!
There is a wide variety of cranes and other trucks being used to reach all of the parts.
Vestiges of Christmas Town are still visible around the park.
The big tree over the lorikeets still has the lanterns.
Very Furry Christmas throws are
still available in Safari of Fun.
Some of the trees are still
wrapped with lights.
There are a few poinsettias
around the park.
There's still some Christmas
candy on sale.
There's a lot of spring flowers throughout the park. And hearts for Valentines Day!
November 22, 2012






July 10, 2012
Busch Gardens opened the preview center for Christmas Town today
Entrance to the media preview The actual preview center is over in Timbuktu
While the outside is the African desert, inside it's Christmas! Some of the holiday snacks are already available.
Nice little fireside vignette Counting down! Yummy gingerbread men
The park will feature the daytime shows of last season, plus
special shows just for the evenings of Christmas Town including
Jars of Clay and Jimmy Osmond each night of the event.
SeaWorld will be sending some penguins down I-4
Miracle Way will be over at the Aviary and bridge/arbor area jingle Bell Junction will be over
near Gwazi Park and Ice Wonder
Way will be in front of the
Moroccan Palace Theater
The Sesame Street area looks like it will be colorful and bright. 
There's no word on where the
North Pole will be, but I
would guess in the Bird Garden field. 
Enchanted Flamingo Valley will
be in the Bird Garden.
I would guess Poinsettia Parkway will also be in the Bird Garden
area of the park.

Christmas Town Village will be along the pathway near Gwazi, and will include an indoor snow area.

Tickets are already on sale, and guests are already buying them.

The Morocco area will be the colorful Celebration Village.

It looks like the event will be
really spectacular.

As part of the preview center, ornaments and other Christmas Town merchandise is available.

Jungle Jubilee will build on the decorations already used in the Crossroads area near Cheetah Hunt.

No word on where Mrs. Claus' Feast will be held.
Christmas tree fences It's still the peak of Summer, and Summer Nights continues for another few weeks. Baby flamingo chicks at
Jambo Junction.
They're kind of cute when they little. The baby emus are really
getting big now!
Something new is being added
 to the walls outside the park
April 24, 2012
Looks like the park is setting up for Grad Night all around with lighting and DJ booths going up
The tents for Viva La Musica are up for another two weekends
The setup here is much bigger than the one at SeaWorld although SeaWorld's looks more permanent
Lots of food and drink to be had!
Here's the lineup When we got to Kumba it was still testing and this sign was out front The history exhibit has
been removed
This mobile education unit was parked out in front of
the old simulator building
No sign of what's going into the old exhibit area yet...
Really colorful spring plantings throughout the park!
With "Burn The Floor" done for the season, "Dance to the Music"
is now playing in the Desert Grill
No signs of construction for Sandstorm yet
The baby emus are getting really big, and they now have a sign
They're still small enough that they are cute (emus aren't particularly pretty as adults!) For some reason the Myombe Reserve area
of the park was closed all day.
February 7, 2012
This weekend the Bands, Brew & BBQ festival starts here at Busch Gardens and at SeaWorld Orlando. Crews were setting up the stage for the weekend's concert Great Valentine's Day floral display
This was our first chance to visit the new Animal Care Center, and it is really nice.
From the Skyride we noticed some clearing taking place alongside the roads and railroad tracks.  It looks like it could be a part of the rumored upgrade to Rhino Rally.
If it is for Rhino Rally, either Rhino Rally will have to cross the tracks and road or the road and tracks could be moved over to the new cleared area making more room on the existing site.
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