SeaWorld San Diego's Bayside Skyride opened in 1967. It is a unique skyride with a larger diameter cable and custom grips. The ride is also unique in that it crosses over the bay with the two towers set on top of pilings in the water. The Bayside Skyride offers a round trip ride across Mission Bay. At one time the second station was a restaurant, but now it the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute.
The Bayside Skyride is impeccably maintained and is available as an upcharge attraction in an effort to help defray the costs of maintaining an aging ride that requires specially made replacement parts.

The gondolas are unique with smaller roofs than similar cabins feature. The blue gondolas feature the likeness of a killer whale, long the symbol of SeaWorld. Specially modified accessible cabins are held off to the side, and when needed are loaded and brought into service.

One of the unique features of the fleet of gondolas is onboard lighting for nighttime operations. The ride is quite popular in the evening for spectacular views of the setting sun on the bay.