The Sky Buckets at Six Flags Over Georgia was the second skyride at the park. The park opened in 1967 with the Astrolift Skyride running north/south across the park, and for the 1968 season the Sky Buckets were added running east/west from the Georgia themed section into the new Lick Skillet area of the park.

Originally the Sky Buckets featured round, two person gondolas which were updated with the four person gondolas that still operate today.

The Georgia end station is the counterweight station where the cable runs down on a vertically mounted bull wheel, down into a pit where it runs through another wheel on the top of the counterweight, then back up another vertical bull wheel and back out of the station.  The station in the Lick Skillet area is the power station where the electric drive motor pulls the cable along with a backup gas engine. 

The tower closest to the Georgia station was the tower where the Sky Buckets and Astrolift crossed each other. The Sky Buckets was the lower of the two, with the Astrolift crossing above. When the Astrolift was removed in 1984 the tower was shortened to the top of the Sky Bucket line. The former station for the Astrolift became a shop (shown here as the Stocking Stuffers shop during Holiday in the Park).


For the annual Holiday in the Park celebration the Sky Buckets offer a round trip ride since the Lick Skillet area of the park is closed. The view from the Sky Buckets of the lights and decorations is a real treat and worth braving the cold weather which is made more intense with the height of the ride and lack of protection from the wind.