Cedar Point opened the Skyride in 1963, running down the center of the midway. The ride was originally equipped with round gondolas with a capacity of two guests each.

With the success of the Skyride, when Cedar Point expanded and added the Frontier area it was originally only connected by the Frontier Lift skyride and the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railway, with no walkways connecting the western themed area with the original park area.

As Cedar Point grew in popularity and continued to expand combined with the impracticality of relying on the transportation systems to get guests around the park, the pathways eventually connected the two areas.

The Skyride's gondolas were upgraded to the newer, larger gondolas which seated four guests, matching the gondolas used for the Frontier Skylift. In 1985 when the Frontier Skylift was retired from service the gondolas were used as spares for the remaining Skyride.

The Skyride continues to delight guests today. One of the highlight of riding the Skyride is the annual planting on the midway which is only visible from the Skyway passing overhead.